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Now you can Find all your jerky in one place.  It’s about time we jerky connoisseurs have one site that list all the jerky brands and web sites on the net.  Jerky Up is doing just that.  Jerky Up People!  Beef jerky is sometimes referred to as a gourmet snack.  Please enjoy the work we are doing to bring you a site that list every jerky company on the planet.  In just about every interest, sports, wine, baking, hiking, cheese and on and on people love having one location to find every company involved in that particular interest.  Now we have one for the world of jerky lovers!  Jerky Up – Craft Beef Jerky…

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Many people ask why is jerky so expensive?  If you have never made jerky or not sure of the complete process to getting a quality jerky, you need to understand that it is quite an operation to make jerky in your kitchen not to mention in larger quantity for resale.


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The Jerky Joint – providing reviews of Australian Beef Jerky

Can you really lose weight with beef jerky?  The Beef Jerky Diet…

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Gus’s Fresh Jerky – The World’s Best Beef Jerky

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beef jerky – deer jerky – elk jerky – pork jerky – fish jerky – turkey jerky – buffalo jerky – ostrich jerky – venison jerky – bacon jerky – pineapple jerky – Kangaroo Jerky – Gator jerky – mushroom & Pineapple jerky (for vegetarians)

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Steve’s Club

A Blind Taste Test – Game on Snacks vs. JerkyXP

JerkyXP and Game on Snacks are both beef jerky companies that specialize in selling “gaming jerky” with claims is that is higher quality than store bought brands. I received samples from companies, and bought their closest store brand equivalents. Then I did some blind taste testing to see which jerky is the best. This video features me, my wife, Ozy, TMac, and Jmac. Also is pretty similar to what most consumer research is like.

Published on Sep 25, 2014


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