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The best review of anything is a person not associated with the manufacture or company selling the item posting reviews of the items.  Until the internet and websites we where not able to post reviews in such volume or a more accessible way.  Reviews are good but video reviews are even better. Enjoy the video reviews…

Video Reviews – Jerky UP!

Mingua Beef Jerky

Appalachian Jerky Company

Wild West Beef Jerky


Video reviews of beef jerky and any kind of jerky.  To write a review is one thing, to video it as you taste the jerky says it all.  A true review.   This page has only individuals reviewing jerky via video.  I would like to see a vlog dedicated to only video jerky reviews.  This would be a big hit.  Talk about jerky, new companies, different flavors and ingredients. All you would need is a Youtube channel to get started, then add a Facebook page, twitter and eventually start your vlog.  Call it ?  What do you think?  Jerky Up People!

Variety Is The Spice Of Life!

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