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The Grub Company Kosher Biltong – Want authentic South Afrikan Biltong, we got it! Order once, subscribe to receive monthly/bi-monthly deliveries of this awesomely wholesomely Healthy delicacy

BEST BILTONG ON THIS SIDE OF THE ATLANTIC – Made for your mouth, we’ll eat the shipping cost, you eat the biltong. We make it in small batches, with premium grass-fed beef and sustainably sourced spices.

Our Flavors:

Original and Peri Peri (spicy)

About Us:

As born and bred Americans, we have no business making biltong. In fact, we’re pretty sure it violates some sort of international law. Yet, here we are. Up to our elbows in this delicate, flavorful and extremely delicious South African specialty.

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Reach out to us at any time, We’re happy to help!

Phone: 386-405-3165 and Email:

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The Grub Company

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the grub company


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