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Jerky brands in alphabetical order – A

1933 Jerky *- The Best Beef Jerky in America

4Biltong – We bring you a proven 25 year-old biltong recipe

4 Seasons Jerky – Quality Jerky For Any Occasion, All Year Long.

A and S Jerky Co. – Your new favorite jerky is here!

A Jerky Shop – Made fresh daily

Absolutely World Class – West Texas Barbecue Flavored Jerky

AC’s Yummy Jerky, LLC *-* True cowboy style – 3425 Taylorsville Hwy, Statesville,  NC 28625 (704) 380-9964

ACME brand Jerky – Forget the udders we’re the best!

Advanced Food Dehydrators *– Amazing jerky commercial food dehydrators

Ajay’s Montana Bananas – Gourmet Beef Jerky

Alaska’s Best Salmon Jerky – produce’s the worlds best wild salmon jerky

Alien Fresh Jerky *–* Best Jerky In The Universe! – CA.

All About Jerky – All About Jerky

All In Beef Jerky – Thin, Crispy & Delicious

ALL THINGS JERKY *- Exotic Meat…Yes It’s Real!  We have beef jerky too!

Allagash Black Beef Jerky – The way jerky should be

American Jerky Company – Selling only high quality beef jerky in four intense flavors

America’s Beef Jerky Outlet – The original beef jerky outlet

Angelo’s Meat and Sausage – The best jerky and condiments

Appalachian Jerky CompanyOur jerky varieties are made in the Green Mountains of Vermont

Arizona Jack’s Beef Jerky – Really, Really good!

Arizona Sweet Heat *- Arizona Spicy Products

Arlington Jerky – The Beef Jerky Outlet, Arlington

Armadillo Pepper – Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Jerky & Fiery Snack Store

Ass Kickin Beef Jerky – Quality top round

Astig Premium Jerky – The original gourmet meat jerky made with traditional Filipino flavors

Astro Fresh Jerky – Quality meats, premium gourmet jerky made in the USA

Aufschnitt Meats – The only Kosher, all natural, gluten free, and USDA certified Beef Jerky on the market

Ayoba-Yo – Authentic Boerewors, Biltong and Droewors in the USA

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – B

3B’s Pub Jerky – “Beer, Babes, and Burgers.”

Bach Cuc Beef Jerky – Great products at fantastic prices

Backattack Snacks *- You’ll never need a PhD in chemistry to understand what you’re eating!

Bad Bud’s Jerky – High quality jerky since 2005

Balboa Nut Company – Think Healthy! Act Healthy! Be Healthy!

Bayou Snacks – A unique blend of the bayou

BC Jerky – Thin cut and amazing flavors

Beef Bark – Home of the original beef bark

Beef Crisps – Jerky as it should be. For the nature-lover, the health-nut and the pioneer *– Beef Jerky Is Good Food

BeefJerky.Rocks – Gourmet Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky HQ – The Authority on Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky Hub *- Because the Best Beef Jerky Doesn’t Come from a Store

Beef Jerky Outlet *- Over 100 stores Nationwide

Beef Jerky Outlet *- Experience the Grand Tour and Unleash Your Inner Carnivore!

Beef Jerky Outlet Tennessee *- 5 locations in Tennessee

The Beef Jerky Emporium – Game jerky such as turkey, deer, venison & beef

Beef Jerky Outlet Arlington – Over 200 different varieties of jerky

The Beef Jerky Outlet – At Waterford Lakes Town Center, Orlando. From mild to wild….over 200 different varieties of jerky all under one roof!

The Beef Jerky StoreMany different kinds of jerky

Beefy Boys Jerky Company – Handcrafted in Salinas California since 1999

Benson Family Sausage N Jerky – Veteran Owned and Operated

Berkshire Beef Jerky – Eat your meat. 337 Norfolk Rd # C, East Canaan, CT 06024  (860) 992-8650

Big Daddy’s Beef Jerky – If it’s not from Big Daddy it just doesn’t taste as good

Big Ed’s Beef Jerky – Where Will Big Ed’s Take You?

Big John’s Beef Jerky – Over 10,000 loyal customers can’t be wrong

Billy D’s Beef Jerky – The best in the west

Blackbeard’s Beef Jerky – Known for excellent beef jerky

BlackJack Beef Jerky – One flavor, done right everyday!

Black Coyote Products – Over 35yr experience in making jerky

Black Forest Bison – Healthy Never Tasted So Good

Black Tiger Jerky – Rare, Bold, Exotic.

Blakes Jerky – Best kosher beef jerky in town!

Blank & Sons Exclusive Beef Jerky – We make Beef Jerky DAMN! Good Beef Jerky

Blue Ox Jerky – Our jerky punches gas station jerky in the face

Blue Ridge Beef Jerky – Truly one of the healthiest snacks in a bag

Boozy Jerky *- The original booze-infused beef jerky

Boundless Snacks *- Handcrafted Beef Jerky Done Simply

Bourgeois Meat Market – Made The Old-Fashioned Way For Three Generations.  543 W Main St, Thibodaux, LA 70301 (985) 447-7128

Boyd Specialties LLC – Your source for the finest jerky products on the web. We are committed to bringing you the best tasting and most tender meat snacks at always-low prices

Braaitime – Gourmet Cured Meats – Biltong

Brandt Beef Jerky – The True Natural

Branson Beef Jerky – Hillbillies make the best jerky

Brockhouse Jerky – Slow-Smoked BBQ Jerky…REAL PEOPLE. REAL JERKY. REAL GOOD.

Brooklyn Beef Jerky – hand crafted artisanal beef jerky straight from the heart of Brooklyn, NY. BKBJ

Brooklyn Biltong – It’s the little things in life

Bubba’s Carolina Jerky – Grab a bag and dig in!

Buck’s Jerky – World of Jerky

Buffalo Bill’s Brand Beef Jerky – Offering over 100 premium snacks

Bulk Beef Jerky – The largest selection of beef, turkey, elk, buffalo & venison jerky accessible to anyone in the world

K & G Bulls Head Jerky – Gourmet brisket beef jerky and bacon jerky. That’s no bull It’s just jerky Camp Hill, PA 717-576-6503

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – C

C-Star Provisions *- Taste The SteakhouseAmerican Wagyu Jerky

Camouflage Dave’s Beef Jerky – Jerky so good you will hide it

Candy and Cattle *- Brooklyn’s Gourmet Kosher Beef Jerky

Captain Jake’s Jerky – High Protein Gourmet Beef Jerky

Cattleman’s Cut Beef Jerky – Where steak meets glory

Caveman Foods – Spicy BBQ chicken jerky

Cedar Creek Beef Jerky – Made in Missouri One piece at a time

Centennial Cuts *- All Colorado Beef

Charqs Jerky – Grilled Pork Jerky that is All Natural, Gluten-Free, and Super Tender, with an Addictive Sweet & Savory Flavor

Charqui Jerky Co. *- Hand crafted using only the finest ingredients

Chef Craig’s Beef Jerky – A perfect blend of spices that tantalizes the taste buds

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky – A cut above the rest

Chew On This – jerky *- Bold Tastes You Crave, Quality You’ll Love

Chyler’s Hawaiian Beef Chips The one and only Thin Crispy Jerky from Hawaii

Clean – N – Jerky – Paleo Beef Jerky

Climax Jerky *– Gourmet Colorado Jerky

Clint & Sons Beef Jerky – This is the site for jerky, true Texas beef jerky

Cocoburg – Raw Vegan Coconut Jerky

Cody Clyde’s beef jerky *- NO BULL…JUST QUALITY BEEF JERKY

Colorado Simple Jerky – Solid Jerky with bold taste. Amaze your taste buds today with some SimpleJerky!

Conifer Corner – The only source for Raspberry Pepper Jerky!

Cool Jerk – Sweet and Savory Beef Jerky for Everyone

Country Archer Beef Jerky – Beef jerky that bites back

Cow Bites Beef Jerky – We were the first to have beer infused jerky!

Cowboy Jerky – “The All-American Jerky”

Crabby J Spice Beef Jerky – Spice

Craft Beer Jerky – “Beef Jerky infused with craft beer!

Crazy Horse Jerky – Our beef jerky artisans hand-craft the most succulent naturally-smoked gourmet beef jerky in small batches

Crazy Mike’s Beef Jerky – It’s not good, It’s CRAZY GOOD

Crockett Creek Beef Jerky – We strive to make the best quality beef jerky around

Crooked Creek Farm *- Adventures Powered by Pork

Cut Above Jerky *- A Cut Above The Rest

Cut and Dried Gourmet Biltong – Biltong the legal performance enhancer

Cutting Edge Foods *- We offer affordable, healthy, and innovative beef snacks!

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – D

D’s Jerky – Made in Kentucky 100% Angus Beef

Da Kine Beef Jerky – Our Spicy Teriyaki can’t be beat!!

The Daily Jerky – Beef jerky with traditional New Mexico Flavors

Damn Good Jerky – We’re NOT just blowing smoke

Dan’s Smokehouse Jerky – Smoking jerky to perfection in Texas since 1991

Dark Run Jerky Company – Our customers call it the best

Davey’s Way Jerky – handcrafted delicious beef jerky

Day Drinkin’ Jerky – “Small Batch, Always Smoked……….Never Dried!”

DE.HI Foods *- The New Standard in Jerky

Deli Bros Jerky – “So Good… You can put it in a Sandwich!”

Dick Stevens Jerky Mix – Live hard Snack well

Divine Bovine Gourmet Jerky *– Gourmet Beef Jerky, Turkey Jerky & Pork Jerky

Don Beto Jerky – Gluten Free

Double Deluxx Beef Jerky – Home of the Best Gourmet Beef Jerky on the web made with All-Natural grass-fed beef

Dried And True – All natural beef jerky

DuBe Jerky – DuBe™ *”Grass Fed” Smoked Beef Jerky, Keeping it legal, we smoked it so you don’t have to

Duke’s Meats – Small batch smoked meats

Dundalk Dan’s Awesome Beef Jerky – Handmade, Limited Batch AWESOME Beef Jerky. 101 N Haven St #301, Baltimore, MD 21224 (443) 737-1111

Dundee Jerky – The Beef Jerky Outlet

Dusty’s Beef Jerky *- We have the beef jerky

DxSlicer *- Worlds fastest jerky slicing machine, End slicing anxiety!

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – E

Ed’s Roadhouse Jerky – The Worlds Best!

Eddy’s Beef Jerky LLC – The World Doesn’t need another beef jerky company. It Needs A Better One.

Edes Custom Meats – Since 1982

El Jerky Loco – Crazy Good Beef Jerky

El Norteño beef jerky – healthy and sugar free beef jerky

Emerald City Promotions *- Rock Da RoosterSriracha Ahi Tuna Jerky

Empire Jerky – Handcrafted beef jerky

EPIC Bites – Better for you, shareable, snacks that fit into a category of their own. More similar to jerky, EPIC Bites are created by combining whole animal muscle meat with flavor forward spice combinations.

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – F

Farr West Outfitters Jerky – All products proudly made in USA

FattBobs JerkyHut *- beef jerky best

Fat Man’s Beef Jerky – You will not be disappointed

Fat Yankee Jerky – The Best Jerky in the South!

Fesperman’s Beef Jerky – Best beef jerky around

Field Trip Jerky –  All natural low fat and low carb jerky

FireCreek Snacks – 807 IL-16, Jerseyville, IL 62052

Florida Jerky – The beef jerky outlet

Flying G Jerky *- Veteran-Owned specializing in Zero Carb and Zero Sugar

Fresh N Wild Jerky – The best natural gourmet jerky

Fusion JERKY – Artisan turkey jerky

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – G

Gary West – Artisan Smoked Meats

Game Day Snacks – Show Your Spirit, Feed Your Swagger

G-Boyz Beef Jerky – Best beef jerky in the southwest!

Genius Jerky – Eat Genius, Think Genius

Get Hooked Beef Jerky – “Authentically Nutritious, Uniquely Delicious Beef Jerky”

Get Some Jerky – Fuel Your Adventure


Go Bacon Jerky – We make fantastic uncured bacon jerky

The G.O.A.T. Beef Jerky Company *- There are a lot of great tasting jerky brands out there, but there’s only one G.O.A.T.

Gold Rush Jerky – Producing high-quality Beef Jerky and Beef Smokies in Litchfield, Ohio since 1996

Golden Island JerkyOur unique flavors, natural ingredients, and specialized cooking process result in the best gourmet pork and beef jerky you’ve ever tasted.

Gone Jerky LLC – Chew on this!

Gourmet Grass Fed – ?

Grandma Lamures Spice N Slice – #spicenslice

Grandpa’s Beef Jerky – Get gourmet beef jerky delivered every month

Grass fed Jerky Chews – Sophia’s survival food

Grassroots Jerky – All natural pasture raised beef jerky

GreenLight Jerky Company – Get the best beef jerky delivered today

Greenport JERKY Company – To bring premium fresh made JERKY to the East End of Long Island New York. “Jerking it since 2016”

Greenville Jerky and Vine – Carolina Grass Fed Beef Jerky along with over 100 other premium jerky products.


Gunslinger jerky – Gourmet jerky. Fine spices, real ingredients. Chicago IL

Gus’s Fresh Jerky – The World’s Best Beef Jerky

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – H


Hal’s Homemade JerkyWhen you visit Hal’s Homemade, you’re in for a treat

Halal Mummified Jerky *- The Oldest Jerky On Earth

Hard Times Beef Jerky – Family owned and operated, specializing in homemade beef jerky

Healthy Jerky Company – The healthiest jerky on the planet

Heidi Jo’s Jerky – Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky

Hickory Hollow Beef Jerky – The best chew you can do!

Hog’s Beef Jerky – Premium beef jerky

Hole In One Jerky – Cause you want to eat meat!

Holston Mountain Beef Jerky – Quality beef jerky

Holy Cow Kosher Beef Jerky – An American favorite

Hombre’ Authentic Beef Jerky *–* The man returns.  Eudora, KS 66025 – (800) 265-9657

House Of Jerky – Best Jerky in Any House!

Hsin Tung Yang beef jerky – “Since 1967” Sweet grilled pork & beef jerky

Hunter Jaymes Meat Company – Hand crafted beef jerky with only the finest ingredients!

Hunter’s Reserve *- Inspired by the outdoors, engineered for anywhere! #AdventureYouCanTaste!

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – I

I Heart Jerky – Premium quality, all-natural, organic jerky!

It’s Jerky – All natural Beef Jerky

It’s Jerky Y’ All  – Plant Based Jerky

Indiana Craft Jerky – Crafting Jerky one batch at a time.

Indian Valley Meats Inc – It’s wild, it’s Alaskan! 200 Huot Cir, Indian, AK 99540 (907) 653-7511

InPact Poly Products Inc. *- Best jerky bags

Itsumo – Always The Highest Quality Tuna, Naturally

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – J

J. Hook’s Jerky – Great tasting jerky for those who want to avoid red meat

J.C. Rivers Gourmet Jerky – A high protein meal, perfect for your Atkins diet

JB’s Smoke House Jerky *- Choice or Better Angus, Bold Hickory Flavor

Jack Links – Feed your wild side

Jackson Brothers Meat Locker – The best jerky in west Texas!

Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat CompanyGourmet, hand-cut, buffalo and elk meat and jerky since 1947

Jacky Wacky Jerky *- No Nitrates

Jailhouse Jerky – 100% Jerky, 100% Homemade.

Jamie’s Jerky – Grass fed beef jerky, all natural turkey jerky

Jedidiah’s Jerky Jeds Jerky offers premium beef and turkey jerky

Jeff’s Famous Jerky – Award-winning gourmet beef jerky you have got to try. Best jerky in America 1st place winner. Gourmet bacon that will rock your world! Order online… Wholesale to distributors and retail stores.

JERKYOURMEAT *- redefining jerky

Jerkface *– Make No Misteak

Jerkyman Beef Jerky – Established sometime a long time ago!

Jerkytown, USA *- Where Great Tasting Jerky Lives

Jerk Nation Beef Jerky – First & Original Season n Shake Jerky *– Over 100 types of jerky – no two alike!

Jerky Boy – A Foodie Favorite!

Jerky Boys Beef Jerky – All natural smoked gluten free jerky. Nothing But the best.

Jerky By Art – There’s an Art to it

The Jerky Connection – Best spicy beef jerky

Jerky Direct – This is what Beef Jerky should taste like! This is Why We Believe Jerky Direct is the Best Way to Start a Home Business.

Jerky Direct – Taste success

Jerky Dynasty *- Exotic & Gourmet Jerky

Jerky Jack, Inc. *- Just the way you like it!

Jerky Joe – It’s good and that ain’t no bull

Jerky Krisp – Thin, crispy, delicious artisan beef jerky.

Jerky Net – Home to Taylor country farms

Jerky Rob *- Try some of our hand made artisan beef jerky, and flavored bacon

Jerky Snob – Premium jerky delivered to your home or business. No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No MSG, No Nitrites, No Nitrates

Jerky Stock *- A different type of jerky, A different type of snack!!!

Jerky -n- Spice – The Hottest Place in Town

Jerk’n Pickle – Artisan Jerky & Pickles

Jerky’s Gourmet *- 100% Grass Fed, Gluten Free Beef Jerky that is low in sodium and uses solid strips of steak

Jerky Mountain™ Beef Jerky *- Handcrafted in Small Batches, Savor the Flavor.

The Jerky Outlet – Gourmet beef jerky, turkey jerky and wild game jerky

Jerky Rocks – The best jerky on the planet

Jerky Spot – The easiest place to buy the best beef jerky brands

Jerky USA – Old-fashioned Beef jerky

JerkyXP, LLC – Premium beef jerky, easy to chew and bold in flavor. Feeding gamers since 2013, with over 3000 five star reviews! #jerkyteam #beefjerky #gamers #esports #jerky #snacks

Jerky X – Energy jerky with guarana

Jerzey Jerky *- Premium Beef Jerky

Jerx Jerky – BEST IN TOWN

Jim Dandy Beef Jerky *- Worlds finest original beef jerky

Jim’s Jarhead Jerky *– “It started as a care package from home” NJ.

Jimmy’s Sticky Jerky – It’s better when it’s sticky…

JIVE JERKY – Artisan crafted small-batch beef and pork jerky made and sold on premises in Moscow, PA. Over 40 flavors.

Joburg Kosher – Experience the robust flavor of South Africa

Joe’s Jerky, Inc. *– Old fashioned jerky with a new twist

Joe’s Wicked Good Jerky *- North State jerky at its best!

John Wayne Stock And Supply – Organic and natural beef jerky

JoJo’s Jerky – The best all natural jerky in the world! Las Vegas, NV.

Jonty Jacobs – Purveyor of fine beef products

Jordinski’s Jerky Company – Small batch all natural beef jerky

Juicy Jerky – Great tasting jerky from Bayfield Colorado

Just Mike’s Jerky– Over 4 million units

Jurassic Jerky *- #JurassicJerky

Just The Tip Jerky – We are now bringing our family beef jerky to you

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – K

Kaimana Jerky *- Fish jerky from Hawaii

Katie’s Beef Jerky – Small batch, premium quality beef jerky

Keeno’s Beef Jerky – Signature Kickin’ T-Bone Jerky

KC Yorker – It’s my passion. It’s what I do.

Kickass Beef Jerky – Welcome to Kickass online

King Made Jerky – Premium Beef Jerky, simply the best

Kings County Jerky Co. – All natural grass-fed jerky

Klemke’s Jerky – Best jerky in west Texas

koH Jerky – “If you jerk it, they will come”

Kooee Snacks – Jerky trail mix

K. O. Jerky – The best “BJ” ever

KRAVE Beef Jerky – Gluten-free jerky made from pork, turkey and beef.

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – L

Lawless Jerky – America’s Craft Jerky

Lehigh Biltong – “A Gourmet South African Snack”

Lights JerkyIt had to be all-natural and capture that “old school” flavor

Little Bit Jerky – Little Name, BIG Taste!

Long Beach Jerky Co. – Nobody Beats This Meat

Love Jerky Company – Get some love, give some love

Lucky Beef Jerky – One of the only all natural beef jerky brands on the market

Lucky Rock Beef Jerky – Award winning jerky

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – M

Malaysia Beef Jerky – So juicy and tasty, you can’t resist it

Mama Mia’s Beef Jerky – Hand-sliced strips of Beef Brisket for those who enjoy tender jerky

Maryland Homestead Products – Fresh from the farm

Masters Pride Snacks – Beef jerky with business oppt. (MLM)

Matt Hat Jerky – 11 year old makes worlds best jerky!

Maui-Licious – EAT IT UP

The Meat Empire – Juicy Beats Janky

Mike’s Jerky – Old World Beef Company

Mile High Beef Jerky – Mile High Beef Jerky? Yes Please!

Mingua Beef Jerky – The Original

Montana Jerky Company – The Finest Grand Champion Jerky Available Anywhere

Moses Family Jerky – The new snack in town

Mountain America Jerky *–* Premium quality beef, game, exotic, and fish jerky since 1997. Whole muscle meat, no nitrates or fillers. Westminster, CO.  303-257-4711

Mountain-man Jerky Company – Free ground shipping on all orders

Mr & Mrs Jerky – Get jerky with it

Mr. P’s Beef Jerky – The way jerky should be

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – N

Naked Cow Beef Jerky – Just beef jerky, no “udder” stuff.

N’awlins Jerky Brothers – New Orleans style premium beef jerky

New Mexico Beef Jerky Company – We specialize in providing the Finest Quality Beef Jerky in New Mexico

Newport Jerky Company – Rare jerky and treats you won’t find anywhere else. 125 Swinburne Row, Newport, RI. 02540  (401) 619-8911

The New Primal *– Makes jerky the Right Way, not the easy way

No Mans Land Beef Jerky – Jerky made in the old style

Northwest Bierhaus Jerky – Oregon wine country jerky

Novae Gourmet Jerky – hand crafted all-natural gourmet jerky made with love.

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – O

O.G.’s Jerky *- Small batch. Hand Crafted (website coming soon)!

Oak Barrel Jerky *– No Bull, it’s the Best!

Oaktown Jerk – Oakland’s finest artisan beef jerky

Oberto – All natural jerky

Old Trapper Beef Jerky – “Taste the best”

Original Bill’s – Eat boldly

Outlaw Jerky & Trail Grub – Offering all natural jerky from dozens of U.S.D.A. approved suppliers across the U.S.

Outlawed Beef Jerky – Live “Outside” the Box

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – P

PDA Jerky – Always made from the most tender cuts of premium beef

PJ’s All Natural Beef Steak – The tender alternative to beef jerky

Pacific Coast Jerky Factory – 20 Years of Excellence

Pacific Gold Reserve – Craft Jerky Made With Passion

PacknTecJerky Processing Solutions

Pappy’s Jerky – Kershenstine Beef Jerky Inc.

The Patriot Brands Jerky – “High quality meat and American Products!

Patriot Jerky – Inspired by the military, law enforcement, first responders, firemen and other individuals who have fought for our country.

Pawnee Bills Jerky – Five Star *****. 1468 Route 61 South, Pottsville, PA 17901 – (570) 593-8792

Pap’s Beef Jerky and Pap’s Beef Sticks – The tender moister beefier beef stick and beef jerky too

Pat’s Beef Jerky – High quality beef jerky

Pearson Ranch Jerky – Elk, bison and beef snacks

People’s Choice Beef Jerky *-* Made with Purpose – CA.

Perky Jerky – Energizing, All Natural Beef & Turkey Jerky.  7400 E Crestline Cir, Greenwood Village, CO 80111 – (888) 343-6113

Peters Bros. Meat Market *-* All Natural Beef Jerky – PA.

Plano Jerky Company – California’s finest beef jerky since 1979

Pony Express Meat Snacks – Simply The Best!

Poor-Man’s Jerky – Don’t let the name fool ya

Prevail Beef Jerky *- Prevail Jerky is 100% grass fed beef made with unique ingredients like matcha and cardamom.

Primal Pacs – Paleo on the go

Primal Spirit Foods – Primal strips – meatless vegan jerky

Print Solutions Ltd. – You need printed bags to sell that jerky. We can provide you with packaging options for your brand.

Pure Provisions – Food for the journey

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – R

Ranchline All Natural – The ultimate lamb jerky

Randy’s Gourmet Jerky – The difference is in the taste

Ray’s Own Brand *– Offers delicious Jerky & Sausage

Reale Jerky – Making jerky one way and that’s the REALE way

Reapers Reserve *- Changing the Jerky game one flavor at a time

Red Truck Beef Jerky – Is a great high protein snack

Redwood Trails Beef Jerky – An artisan beef jerky company that prides itself in being the first to use wine in it’s marinate

Ria’s RoadKill Jerky *- The Real Man’s Meat

Riley’s Jerky – Natural style jerky, old fashioned just like homemade

Robertson’s Hams – Old fashioned hickory smoked sugar-cured hams & real beef jerky

Rocky Mountain Jerky IncTuff enough for a man but made by a woman  16500 State Hwy 52, Wiggins, CO 80654 – (970) 483-2333

Rod’s Angry Jerky *– Taste The Anger

Roland’s Bar-B-Que Company – Arkansas’s taste of Texas

Rosie’s Beef Jerky – The finest quality mouth watering beef jerky

Route 66 Beef Jerky – The best beef jerky in the world

RUB1OUT rubs and seasonings*– What you do with your meat is your business. We just want to be there when you do it.

Ruby Bay Salmon Jerky – All natural wild king salmon jerky

Runnin Wild Foods – Live life, well done

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – S

Salt, Fire & Time – Locally sourced , nostalgically delicious

Samak Smoke House – And country store, center for mountain activities

Savage Jerky Company – Eat like a savage

Schneider Farms LLC – BBQ Bacon Snack Sticks

Senor Pepper’s Premium Beef Jerky – Made in Austin Texas, sold on Etsy

Settlers Jerky – The Best People Making the Best Jerky.  307 Paseo Sonrisa, Walnut, CA 91789  (909) 444-3999

Shalhoob’s Butcher Shop & Funk Zone Patio Restaurant – Santa Barbara Style. 220 Gray Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 963-7733

Shiners Stash Jerky Company – Made in the foothills of North Carolina. “GET YOUR OWN!”

Shirey Farms Beef Jerky – Homemade beef jerky

Shroom Snack Premium Mushroom Jerky – Feeding the world one mushroom at a time

Shurky Jurky – “A brand new take on a simple snack food. LUXURY. JURKY.™ Refined for HER. Savored by HIM. Adapted to YOU.™”

Side Project Jerky – Jerky for gentleman, well bred, well fed, tasteful beef jerky.  Try a little tenderness.

Sierra Madre Provision Company – We do jerky

Simply Snackin – Healthy gourmet meat snacks

Sir Wallace Gourmet Jerky – Made with real slices of Grade A Rocky Mountain Steak, amazingly delicious jerky!

Slab Of Jerky *- Why buy the cow?…No B.S. just jerky

Slantshack jerky – The best, custom made beef jerky available.

Slim Sadie’s Beef Jerky *- REAL BEEF. REAL JERKY

Smokehut Jerky – All natural, smoked chicken jerky made with no compromises. Healthy, gluten free, corn free, low sodium

Smoked on the water – Premium jerky high protein, low calorie healthy  snack

Smokehouse Bayou, LLC *- Excellence Takes Time

Smokehouse Jerky Co. *–* Anyone can do private label for you but companies like Knotts Berry Farm trust Smokehouse because of our quality meat and vast line of products, attention to detail and always getting it right.   175 Cawston Ave N, Hemet, CA 92545 925-448-7778

Smokin’ Oak Jerky – America’s smoked meat sensation!

Smoking Gun Jerky – Smokey wild west flavor

Smoky Mountain Trail Grub – Home Of The World’s Hottest Jerky

Snack Innovators – Beef jerky, meet potato chip ®.

SNATCH Beef Jerky – The Healthy low sodium beef jerky.  “Snatch a bag today”

Snow’s Old Fashioned Beef Jerky – Experience the gourmet difference!

South Florida Local JerkySweet and Spicy Garlic Teriyaki. Get yours today. Located in Plantation, FL. Call 954-743-6282

Sportsman’s Table – The outdoor enthusiasts favorite brand of beef jerky!

Stan’s Beef Jerky – The best hickory smoked beef jerky in a variety of flavors.

Stanford’s Jerky – Premium Beef Jerky

Steel Cowboy Jerky – World Famous Homemade Beef Jerky

Steve’s Paleogoods – The original paleokit & paleokrunch.

Stick in a Box – Ashley Madison for Vegans

Stonewall’s Jerquee – The Tasty Vegetarian Snack

Stripling’s General Store – Recognized in Food & Wine as one of the “Top 10 Test Kitchen Discoveries” based on our “intensely meaty, slightly spicy” flavor!

Strollo’s Beef Jerky – Our meat can’t be beat.

SY Jerky – The Southern Jerky Company.

The Southwestern Jerky Company – Featuring Cactus Jacks Beef Jerky

Sumo Jerky – Join our jerky club and try the world’s best jerkies. Code JERKYUP for 1 bag free

Sun’s Beef Jerky – Welcome to Sun’s Beef Jerky (Thai Style)

Sweet Meat Jerky – Jerky made right

Sweetwood Smokehouse *– This will put some ‘PEP’ in your step!  * 670 Copper Ridge Cir # 3, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 – (970) 879-7456

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – T

Tahoe Tony’s Jammin’ Jerky – May the jerk be with you

Tanks Tasty Jerky *- Wood Smoked Gourmet Jerky – (940) 442-1268

Teeze Jerky LLC *-* Teeze yourself for more NC

Texas Aggie Brand Beef Jerky – Texas A&M University has been producing beef jerky since the 1980’s

Think Jerky – Healthy Jerky by famous Chefs…

Thompson’s Smokehouse – Award winning fresh jerky

Three Jerks Jerky – The original filet mignon beef jerky

Tillamook Counrty Smoker – Beef Jerky From Tillamook Is The Best Tasting Sought After Jerky In The USA

Toby’s Ultimate Beef Snacks – Indulge your taste buds with an all new “better than jerky” sliced beef snack, spiced to perfection for the right bite every time.  Toby’s Beef Snacks mission is to share our healthier snack alternative to all our friends. It’s a ‘LIFE STYLE”

Tomahawk Beef Jerky *– The Best Beef Jerky! 260 S Young Ave, Post Falls, ID 83854  (208) 717-1725

Tommy’s Jerky – Voted Northeast Ohio’s best jerky & smokies

Tommy’s Jerky Indy – Stop in to taste the difference!

Tong Jerky LLC *- Tender Premium Beef Jerky

Tony’s Killer Beef Jerky AK – 100% Buffalo, Deer, Elk & Beef Jerky. Can’t be bought in stores.

Topangas Finest – California’s finest jerky

Troyer’s Country Market – Amish wedding foods

True Gentlemen’s Jerky – Uncompromised Integrity

True North Beef Jerky – Artisan jerky, smoked meats, fish, cheese & other specialty items

Tuck’s Beef Jerky Inc. *- “Cause it’s Tuckin Good!”

Turn Key Jerk”E” *-* Easy Going and Just Plain Good. Tight Lines!!! FL.

Two Brothers Jerky – The Jerky That Brings People Together

Two Chicks Beef Jerky – Sometimes it is … All about the meat

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – U

Uncle Andy’s Jerky – Jerky, Beer & Cheese the perfect upscale man party

Uncle Zip’s Beef Jerky – America’s best beef jerky

Unisoy Vegan Jerky *- The Original Vegan Jerky!

United States of Jerky – American Beef Jerky made for soldiers by a fellow soldier

Up North Jerky Outlet – The best brand in premium jerky

Uptown Jerky Co. – A gourmet jerky company established in the Uptown area of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 2016

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – V


Van Cleave Dry Goods – Quality beyond compare, flavor beyond belief

Venice Smokehouse *- Made in nature, perfected in Venice.

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – W

Walt’s Jerky *- Thinly-sliced Hand-crafted Artisanal-Style

Waynes Jerky *– Break Away From the Heard!

Wepawaug Moon Beef Jerky *- Hometown, Flavorful Goodness!

Werner Gourmet Meat Snacks – Just eat it! 2807 3rd St, Tillamook, OR 97141 – (503) 842-7577

West Virginia Beef Jerky – Premium beef jerky

Whip City Jerky, LLC – Thin cut and amazing flavors.  271 Elm St, Westfield, MA 01085 – (413)568-2050

Whiskey Hill Jerky *- Best Beef Jerky On The Planet

Whittington’s Jerky – American made start to finish

Wicked Cutz Beef Jerky *- Wickedly awesome Jerky!

Wild Bill’s Beef Jerky – Producer of meat snacks

Wild Joe’s Beef Jerky – Where in the Wild World?

Wild Ride Beef Jerky – The most flavorful, tender and chewy jerky under the sun

Wild West Jerky – A taste of the wild west

Wilson Beef Farms – Made from top quality meats

Windward Jerky *-* 100% Grass-fed Beef | Experience Craft Jerky CA

Wisconsin Jerky Man *- Old Fashioned Jerky

World Class Jerky – Raising the bar beef brisket jerky

Wook’s Beef Jerky *– “World famous jerky”. 1437 E Gary Rd, Lakeland, FL 33801 – (888) 336-3334

Wyoming Gourmet Beef Jerky – Looking for an All Natural Beef Snack sourced only from Wyoming ranches? Well look no further than Wyoming Gourmet Beef Jerky. 2517 Lt Childers St, Cody, WY 82414 – (307) 587-9841.Contact us

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – Y

The Yak Boys – “Once You Try Yak, You’ll Never Go Back”

Jerky brands in alphabetical order – Jerky brands in alphabetical order

Variety Is The Spice Of Life!

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