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Jerky Up is based in the United States however we are very much dedicated to bringing every jerky maker and every company that has anything to do with the jerky industry to this site.  If you notice any company that is not listed, please let them know to just send their name and info to get listed.  It’s all Free.

We have spent many hours searching for a website that list jerky companies.  Not finding any, the closest sites are the written review sites of which there about 4.  The largest being Best Beef Jerky .org founded by Steve Johnson.  Steve has over 1000 reviews posted.  That’s why was born.  Just 1 year ago in January 2014 we are on a great roll.

The Magazine

Jerky Up has produced a magazine dedicated to the jerky industry.  First issue is January 2015 an annual issue for the first year, we have plans to have 2 issues in 2016.  A winter issue and a summer issue.  Please sign up to keep up to date.  Jerky Up – The Magazine


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Jerky Up The Magazine is the very first magazine dedicated to the jerky industry – A rapidly growing, very popular healthy snack!  Many craft type beef jerky companies are starting to realize they too can make good quality, good for you jerky without all the bad ingredients and sodium that many of the big boys are producing today and have been for years.  Enjoy the variety of jerky companies listed on this site because variety is the spice of life.  Jerky Up People!

Variety Is The Spice Of Life!

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