Jerky Reviews

There are just a few that review jerky and post the results online

Jerky Reviews

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Jerky Ingredients – A jerky review web site with Ingredient, Taste and Bag ratings.  Over 500 Jerky Reviews to date!


Jerky Aficionado

Jerky Aficionado – Quest for the Finest Jerky


the jerky joint

The Jerky Joint

Beef jerky reviews

It’s a tough job reviewing beef jerky.  Not just the tasting and enjoying all of that jerky.  But I am talking about the fact that everyone’s tastes are different.  I know that my wife likes a natural western style jerky and I like a beer infused or whisky jerky.  After talking to many people that enjoy jerky more than 3 times a week, many have found that one man likes or does not like and you might be just the opposite.  So writing reviews on a product that so many people will either agree with or not agree with you is tough.  You just have to give your best opinion of what you think about it.

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