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Video Review of Tillamook Jerky

Welcome to the Jerky wrangler! On a beautiful day, no one wants to stay cooped up inside. You want to get out and do things! And whether you’re out and about, don’t forget to bring the jerky. Now, we have a jerky showdown today between two flavors of Tillamook Country Smoked Jerky. One is the Smoked Jalapeno and then we have their Honey Glazed Beef Jerky. What we like about this brand already is that they don’t use nitrates, monosodium glutamate, and, in fact, there are no preservatives of any kind. In fact their ingredients list is very short, which is what we like. When you make it yourself, you’re making a short ingredients list. So far, it looks very promising for Tillamook brand jerky. Let’s go ahead and give them a try. Let’s try the Smoked Jalapeno first.

That Smoked Jalapeno did have a very authentic jalapeno flavor. Also, what I enjoyed about it is there are other brands out there that advertise a jalapeno flavor, but they use artificial flavoring. Tillamook doesn’t. It’s all natural! Now that’s really a plus. I thought it was a really nice piece of meat. It had a good flavor, not overly hot, so it was really pretty good. Very promising! Let’s go ahead and try the Honey Glazed.


Now, with the Honey Glazed, I really didn’t taste any of the honey overtones. I was hoping for more of a honey flavor, I guess. Really, what came through was more of a sugar flavor, and that makes sense because brown sugar is the second ingredient, and honey is the actually the last ingredient. So, it did taste sweet, but it didn’t really have the honey-glazed flavor.

So, now, let’s go ahead and rate these two. Again, both are quality pieces of meat, with no preservatives and nitrates. Just the way we like it. But the Honey Glazed, I’m going to give a seven. I thought it was better than average, but it didn’t quite meet up to the honey-glazed flavor.

1to10 scale 7

The Smoked Pepper, on the other hand, really tasted like an authentic Jalapeno. It wasn’t super hot, but it had that nice spiciness to it, and I thought it was really good. So, I tell you what, that Smoked Pepper, let’s go ahead and give it a nine based on the fact that it doesn’t have all the preservatives and the things that we don’t like.

1to10 scale 9

So, Tillamook did a nice job on these two flavors, and they would be a nice addition to your little road trip to get outside of the house or office on a beautiful day. Keep watching the Jerky Wrangler, and please subscribe!

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