Pacific Gold Jerky Hot and Spicy

Video Review of Pacific Gold Jerky

Welcome to the Jerky Wrangler. Today we have a review of Pacific Gold Jerky. This is found at Costco. It’s made by Oberto for Costco and they rebrand it as Pacific Gold. Now, this is their hot and spicy and again, this one is all natural so there’s no MSG, no sodium nitrate and that’s really good. So, were going to give this hot and spicy a try.
Okay, now having tried the Pacific Gold Hot and Spicy Jerky, I can tell you that the red peppers on it definitely come through, you get that hot flavor coming through and it lingers. It’s not super-hot, but it does last. Even after having eaten a piece, after a couple of minutes go by you can still taste the heat, basically floating around your mouth, so it does have some good heat to it.
Now, I’m going to go ahead and give these guys a seven on a scale of one to ten. I think they could have maybe marinated it more. If they would have had some other ingredients in there that they could have used to help marinate it more. Looking at the ingredients list there’s the beef, brown sugar, water, spices, natural flavoring, some apple juice concentrate and some smoke flavor. So, very small ingredient list, which is nice to see, but they could have maybe mixed with that formula just a little bit to give you a little more tenderness and a little more flavor, but it is good.
Pacific Gold Jerky
Of course, if you’re getting it at Costco, you’re getting a lot of ounces for less price compared to your smaller 2.5 ounce bags you find at a convenience store. So, the value for money is definitely there. If you like hot peppers, then this is a jerky to get for you. Take care and keep watching the Jerky Wrangler.  Pacific Gold Snacks