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Welcome to the Jerky Wrangler! Here we have the marker that marks the site where Don Gaspar Portola and his expeditionary force of men camped. They were on their way from San Diego to Monterey, and they camped here it says back in 1769 in this area. Well, with Portola and his sixty men or so, no doubt part of the supplies they had was jerky. Many early explorers carried it because it was a great way to preserve their meat as they traveled.  Carson’s Grandpa Jerky…

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Well here I thought would be a nice spot then to review for us the brand called Carson’s Grandpa Jerky. It’s distributed out of a distribution company in Bakersfield California, so at some of your different gas stations, rest stops, and different types of tourist stop areas you’ll find this brand called Carson’s Grandpa jerky. The two different ones that we got from them is the Garlic and the Peppered. Now it’s a good-looking jerky, with nice big pieces and so on. The only drawback, and I will have to ding them on the final rating scale, is that they do use sodium nitrate. They don’t use MSGs, but they do use sodium nitrate in there. Maybe that gives them a little extra shelf life, as that’s a common thing.

carson's grandpa jerky

We’re going to go ahead and try this, and see how we like it, but we’re going to keep that in mind when it comes to their final rating. So here I’m going to try the peppered variety. Now, the peppered variety has nice big pieces, it is also on the drier side of jerky, and they have large granules of peppers on the outside. So let me go ahead and give this one a try.

Ok, now having tried their peppered variety, I can tell you it is very similar in taste to, say, your Jack Links peppered variety. It’s very similar in that manner. I though it it was good, but I am going to go ahead, on its overall scale, I’m going to go with a six. I could have probably gone higher if they didn’t have that sodium nitrate in there. But it’s a nice brand, and it gives you and alternate to your Jack Links peppered jerky. I’m going to go ahead now and try the garlic.

Now having tried the garlic, I can tell you its similar in style to their peppered, but it does have a prominent garlic flavor. That’s a flavor that’s really not common to feature as a prominent flavor in jerky, but certainly they’ve achieved that in this one. So it has that prominent garlic flavor. Now the underlying flavor, though, is soy; kind of like a teriyaki flavor that’s underlying it. But the garlic flavor does come through. Again, based on the fact that they used sodium nitrate, I’m going to have to go with six. I think both of these jerky’s in this brand is better than average, but I’m going to have to go ahead give them a six on that, just because I would prefer that they didn’t have the nitrate at all.

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Anyway, if you’re ever up in the North Cal area, and you find Carson’s Grandpa jerky, it can be a brand that would give you an alternate compared to the large companies, and the big three as it were. Give Carson’s Grandpa a try! So thank you for watching the Jerky Wrangler, and next time you’re traveling with sixty men going on an expedition from San Diego to Monterey, well, you know what to bring along. Do I have to say it? You have to bring along some jerky! Anyway, take care and see you next time on the Jerky Wrangler.  Carson’s Grandpa Jerky

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