Two Chicks Beef Jerky

two chicks beef jerky

Sometimes it is… ALL ABOUT THE MEAT

Pasture raised, small batch, unforgettable goodness!

Two Chicks Beef Jerky

 When you purchase Two Chicks Beef Jerky you can rest assured that not only are you eating a healthy, high protein snack- you are also supporting local farms that will help a sustainable future for our planet!

Our Flavors:

We have one amazing, Original Classic Flavor. Soon to add a spicy “Two Hot Chicks Beef Jerky” flavor.

About Us:

 The idea behind Two Chicks Beef Jerky began a few years back when we started making homemade goods such as pickled veggies, a batch of home brew pale ale and beef jerky.

Retail Locations:

Bi – Rite, Briar Patch Co-op, Sonoma Market, Mill Valley Market, Good Earth – Natural Foods, Big Bottom Market, Kitkitdizzi

Contact Us:

We are located in sunny California – (415) 450-9655

Social Media:

FaceBook/TwoChicksBeefJerky – Twitter/TwoChicksBeefJerky – Instagram/TwoChicksBeefJerky – Pinterest/TwoChicksBeefJerky

Two Chicks Beef Jerky

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two chicks

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