Six things in the junk food category that can be healthy

6 foods and drink that are not necessarily junk food

Barnes Jewish Hospital Dietitian, Katie Lambert says that first thing we have to remember is, “All things in moderation”.  Control your portions and savor the flavor of your food.

Below the list is the video of Katie Lambert:

  1. Popcorn – skip the butter & add olive oil, garlic powder, & a sprinkle of parmesan cheese
  2. Alcohol – for men 2 drinks a day can lower a person`s risk for a heart attack
  3. Beef Jerky – a great snack to have between meals when trying to lose weight
  4. Sour Cream – a great choice to add to your baked potato
  5. Coconut – unsweetened coconut. Add some to your cereal or trail mix
  6. Dark Chocolate – flavonoids which relaxes your blood vessels, improving blood flow to your heart

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Six foods and drinks that have been labeled junk food.

Adding these back into your diet can help your health, heart and your waist line.