Lose Weight With Beef Jerky

You Can Too

Can you really lose weight with beef jerky?  Yes, I’ve done it.

beef jerky diet

Read all about it!  How a Southern California-based blogger and affiliate marketer, who decided he had enough of being overweight. Combined his favorite snack food, beef jerky, with a commitment to lose weight.  His name is Steve and at his heaviest he weighed 240 lbs.  His target weight was 150 lbs.  In 18 months he did it and you can too!  Read the complete article below…

3 – Interesting Facts About Beef Jerky

  1. Beef jerky is very low in fat
  2. Beef jerky is very low in carbs
  3. It’s very high in protein

4 – negative Facts About Beef Jerky

  1. The sodium levels
  2. Low in nutrients
  3. Some have artificial preservatives
  4. No fiber

9 – Positive contributors to a successful beef jerky diet

  1. Spend only 4 days a week on the plan
  2. Consume only 8 to 12 oz. of beef jerky daily
  3. Take supplement nutrients
  4. Take fiber
  5. Drink water to stay hydrated
  6. Exercise is a must
  7. Eat fruits and vegetables
  8. Stay busy to not get bored
  9. Keep a calendar on the wall above your scale



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