Jerky Ingredients

Jerky Ingredients

Craft beef jerky reviews from Canada – Jerky Ingredients – Brought to you by Jerky UP!

Jerky Ingredients

A craft jerky review website with Ingredient, Taste and Bag ratings. The emphasis is if the jerky is healthy to eat.  Jerky Ingredients…

Started in January 2014 – Reviewing beef jerky for your information, providing you with as much information on each brand as they can.

500+  Jerky Reviews to date!

Mark Jurrius, has been making homemade beef jerky since 2007. For a couple of years, he and his cousin Paul Rekker spent over $5,000 researching opening up a jerky company. Neither of them was willing to quit their full time jobs, so Mark finally started this jerky review web site (Jerky Ingredients) in January 2014. Paul joined the taste reviews in June 2014.  September 2017 the reviews have grown to over 500.

Working with the individual jerky makers is the most worthwhile experience. Jerky makers tend to be hard working, and perfectionists.

Mark is a former web application developer for 15 plus years. Writing jerky reviews has been a fun and educational experience, learning how to add php code in this web site. Each jerky review is written in HTML, utilizing a custom MySql database.

Jerky Criteria!

The first criteria is that it should be jerky (dried meat), although there are some exceptions such as snapping turtle, or mushroom jerky for example. More or less, the word jerky should be printed somewhere on the bag.

Jerky Ingredients

Also find bag/label reviews – A very in-depth product information website for all craft beef jerky lovers! Enjoy jerky ingredients

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Jerky Ingredients

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