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Jerky Company Ads

Brought to you by VidRack – push the rec button and record a 3 minute video advertisement for your jerky company. A jerky company ads

After we review the video it will go live… A great way to advertise your company -VIDEO ADS are very popular!  Record yours today!

Best beef jerky – Natural beef jerky – Beef… by charlescgray777

Grass Fed Jerky Chews – Sophia’s survival food

Blue Ridge Beef Jerky

Redwood Trails Beef Jerky

Joburg Kosher

Pap’s Beef Sticks

Shurky Jurky

SNATCH Beef Jerky

Wild Ophelia

Video is becoming one of the fastest growing advertisement avenues on the internet.  With VidRack you don’t even need any video editing software, no hours learning a new program.  VidRack allows you to just click on the rec button and with your web cam start recording a video ad for your beef jerky or start a review of one of your flavors.  Remember the complete video is just 3 minutes long so get all the good stuff in first.  On the other hand if you have experience with video and want to do a video ad on your own or if you already have one made up you can submit it to us also.  However you want to do it, let’s do it!


Founded in January 2014, Jerky Up was started out of a need for a central website where jerky lovers could go and have their pick from hundreds of jerky manufactures.  If your company is not listed on this site just fill out this form: Add My Company

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