Jack Link’s Chili Lime Beef Jerky

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 Jack Link’s Chili Lime Beef Jerky

You know, when you’re hiking about in a local park or maybe a little forest part of your neck of the woods, it’s always good to bring along a jerky. Here we’ve found the Jack Link’s limited edition, it’s their Chili Lime Carne Asada beef jerky. Jack Link’s a few months ago they did a refresh on their packaging, they also did something that was nice too, they eliminated a lot of the preservatives that they put in the jerkies previously. Their newer jerkies, not all of them, but their newer jerkies don’t have MSG or sodium nitrate, this one doesn’t have those two ingredients.  Jack Link’s Chili Lime Beef Jerky…
They have a jalapeño flavor, I haven’t bought it yet because it listed that is has natural and artificial flavors, so that does it for me, I’m not going to buy it. But this one didn’t have anything artificial in it, so I went ahead and picked it up. I want to give this a try. One thing I noticed about it too, is that they didn’t use soy, no soy in this one at all. I thought that was different, because again, most jerky manufacturers use soy, that’s like their prime ingredient, this one didn’t have soy.
jack link's chili lime
This is a dry jerky, and all the pieces seem to be fairly — pretty much like other Jack Link’s styles of cut, they all look like what they typically do. Let me try this flavor and see what this is all about. Okay now, having tried the Jack Link’s Chili Lime, I can tell you that it has the red peppers on it, so you do taste that coming through. But, if you’re a person that you don’t like kind of a little sourness, that lime flavor, if you don’t like lime then you’re not going to like this jerky. Because that is a prominent flavor that comes though, but that’s what it’s advertised, Chili Lime, so you should know that you are going to get something that has that, and it really does.
Also, because there is no teriyaki sauce in it, there’s no soy flavor. So, if you’re used to a lot of soy or teriyaki flavors in your jerkies, this does zero of that, which again is different. I think Jack Link’s deserves a good clap of applause as it were, because they’re trying things different and they’re getting away from their normal standard in this regard. But the cut is again, if you’ve a Jack Link’s jerky before, it doesn’t matter what flavor, pepper, teriyaki whatever, the meat is all very, very similar. It’s not super tender, but it doesn’t take a lot of chewing to get through. It’s real typical for them. I’m going to give them a seven on a scale of one to ten.  Jack Link’s Chili Lime Beef Jerky…

Again, keep in mind, if you don’t like lime you’re not going to like this flavor because that is the prominent that comes through. All right, take care, enjoy and keep watching The Jerky Wrangler.

Jack Link’s – Chili Lime

jack link's chili lime beef jerky