How To Make Beef Jerky

Some of the best food you have ever tasted has likely been the product of a home-cooked meal or two. Imagine that perfectly cooked, juicy hamburger or a finely grilled steak, smoke-flavored and moist. Now imagine similarly enjoying a slice of fresh and tangy homemade beef jerky. How to make beef jerky.  It may seem unconventional, but making delicious homemade jerky is much easier than you think. With just a few methodical steps, you can learn how to make a delicious batch of beef jerky in your own oven.

How To Make Beef Jerky

To start, choose the kind of beef you would like to work with. The best choices are fresh lean meats, like flank and round steak, rump roasts, and London broil cuts. The less fat the better for long-lasting freshness in your jerky. Trim any remaining areas of fat from your cuts. Then you will need to prepare approximately quarter-inch but no more than half-inch strips of the meat, by either slicing against the grain for a bit of a chewier texture or with the grain for a slightly tougher one. You can also have a butcher do the cuts if you are unsure and to save some time.

beef top round

When you are ready to start preparing your meat, have your choice of seasonings ready for the marinade. This can be created with a few simple ingredients, such as salt and olive oil, pepper and Worcestershire sauce, or more intricate combinations with lemon, lime, garlic, teriyaki, chili powder, cayenne, or habanero. It all depends on what your desired flavor palette is. Beef pairs especially well with spicier blends, and Cajun spiced is always a favorite choice. After you rub your chosen flavors into the meat, cover them with plastic wrap, or place them in Ziploc bags with the marinade. Next, let the seasoning set in by placing the meat in the refrigerator for at least several hours or, as many suggest, leaving them to set overnight.  How to make beef jerky…

marinade for beef jerky

After the beef is appropriately seasoned and ready to go, you will lay them out on open baking racks and place them in the oven, preheated to a very low setting, ideally somewhere between 165-200 degrees F. It would also be wise to have a pan at the bottom of the oven to catch any dripping marinade. Many likewise suggest using a wooden utensil to keep the oven door open a few inches to aid in the drying process. Most jerky will begin to show signs of completion after about two hours. Always check them at this interval and then every half hour after until they are entirely done. You will know they are done when the pieces start to stretch or tear its fibers when you bend them. When you see this happening, remove the jerky from the oven, and leave them to air dry and cool for twenty-four hours. Then you’re done! Your beef jerky will last up to three months if stored properly. You can package up the excess in manageable batches and serve some immediately to family and friends. With just a few simple directions and your unique flavor profile, you’re sure to boast some of the best homemade beef jerky around!  You just learned how to make beef jerky…

how to make beef jerky

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