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Video Review of Divine Bovine Jerky

Welcome to The Jerky Wrangler. Now, another word for cow or steer or anything like that, that describes them as a whole is bovine. And, that’s appropriate because we’re reviewing this brand, it’s called Divine Bovine, that’s an interesting little name there. What we like about Divine Bovine, right off the bat is that they use brisket of beef. If you’ve had brisket you know that’s a nice cut. If you’re making your own jerky, brisket is an excellent choice of cut to use when you make your own jerky. Also, they don’t use nitrates, preservatives or MSG. So, again, these are the things that wish the big, huge manufacturers of jerky would do, but for some reason it takes the smaller companies to do it. And, why not? Let’s do it right.  “Divine Bovine Jerky”
We have three flavors. We have Original, Hot Tangy Teriyaki and Spicy Jalapeno. One thing that’s different about the Divine Bovine jerky, is it a very tender cut of meat and also the way they marinate. Because, in fact, when you try to grab one piece out of it, it’s hard to do because it all kind of clumps and sticks together. You can see, it’s extremely tender. It’s very floppy and it’s not as dry as some of the other jerkies we’ve tried before in the past.
Also, because of it having such a high moisture content, it will leave a stickiness on your fingers, it is definitely sticky. I don’t know if this would be a great choice if you’re working on the computer or something, or driving, it could gum up the steering wheel and all that. But, that’s just the way this style is, it’s very tender.
divine bovine jerky
I’m going to go ahead and try the Original. All right now, having tried the Original, it is an excellent piece of jerky. Again, you can tell that it’s from the brisket so it’s very tender, a lot of flavor. This was a very good jerky. I’m going to give it a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, it is excellent. Keep in mind though, this is not a dry jerky. Like I brought up before, it will leave stickiness on your hands, so it’s different in that way. But, the flavor was wonderful, it’s easily a 10.
Now, I’m going to go ahead and try the Hot Tangy Teriyaki. Okay. Now, having tried the Hot Tangy Teriyaki, again it has the same brisket meat. It’s the same very tender, it also leaves your hands sticky. The Hot Tangy Teriyaki has your red cracked peppers and so it does definitely have a hot flavor to it. It’s not overly hot, but it has those red peppers that you use with pizza, that same kind of red cracked pepper, so it has that type of heat on the heat scale. Again, it’s an excellent jerky, keeping in mind that it’s a little sticky and so on, with those limitations. Again, I would give this a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.
Now, having tried the Spicy Jalapeno flavor, it’s excellent, it’s a very good flavor. Again, it meets the same format as all the other jerkies with regard to the stickiness and its tenderness and so on. It has a very nice jalapeno flavor. If you’re the kind of person where, say your nachos at home and you like to put on those sliced jalapenos, you love that jalapeno flavor, this is going to definitely going to give that to you. This is a really good jalapeno flavored jerky. Again, what we really like about this, is they don’t use any preservatives to achieve that.
There are other brands out there, if you read your labels, other brands that make a jalapeno flavor that will say natural and artificial flavors. Come on guys, you don’t have to do that. I mean, here’s a great example of not using artificial ingredients and it produces an excellent jalapeno flavor.
So, Divine Bovine, you score the top score on all three of these flavors that I’ve tried. Excellent brand. I’m sure the bovines behind me would approve. Take care, enjoy and see you next time on The Jerky Wrangler. Divine Bovine Jerky
divine bovine jerky