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Venison is always popular meat during the hunting season, but there’s no reason its use has to be confined to that niche. Deer jerky has been a favorite for hunters and their families, and it can easily become a favorite for your family as well. Venison jerky can be found in prepackaged form, through a few online sources such as, but it is also fairly easy to create a homemade batch. Whether you have pounds of deer meat stored up from a successful hunt, or you purchase some from a butcher or natural food store like Trader Joe’s, you can use venison to make tasty and savory jerky, and enjoy the ultimate meat snack.


The stigma of “gamey” meats may keep some at a distance, but hunters know the potential of deer meat, and jerky lovers can surely appreciate the lean texture from a well-cut piece of venison. The trick to the best flavor is to ensure that all the tendons and fat is trimmed away; these are the areas that have the most unappealing flavors. After you are left with the pure red color and have sliced it thin, it is recommended to place the cuts in water with salt overnight in order to make the meat perfectly tender. Then it’s time for seasonings! When making deer jerky, you can get creative and add cider to the marinade, or keep it simple with salt and pepper. From sweet and spicy to chipotle, to the always-popular teriyaki flavor, there is a venison recipe to be found for everyone’s tastes.

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