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Billy Bob’s Jerky Inc. – a REAL BEEF jerky experience

Ben’s Jerky – Famous around the world

Big Chief Meat Snacks – Canada’s Best Beef Jerky… Bite Me!

Black Creek Ranch Beef Jerky – Premium grass fed beef

Black Tusk Jerky – Black Tusk Jerky is not your usual snack company

Cloverleaf Farms – A small store in Ontario that makes an Original flavored jerky

Crack House Jerky Co. – Crack Dealers Wanted!

Derf Jerky – Charqui Québecois

Eat Sum More – You can’t have just one bite

Farmers own Meats and Custom Cuts Ltd. – We focus on providing top quality meat products

Hero Bros. – Canada’s best beef jerky & pepperoni

Hewitt Country Meats – Daves’ Homemade Beef Jerky is a very desirable, traditional snack, that’s hard to resist.

The Great Canadian Meat Company – Eat some energy

Jerky Baron – The finest quality beef jerky

Longview Jerky Shop – World famous jerky

McLean Meats – No nitrates, celery extract, gluten or soy! Made with free run meat raised without antibiotics!

McSweeney’s Jerky – Proudly Canadian

MDA THERIAULT-ROBINSON – Organically grown Scottish highland premium beef products, premium Scottish highland beef jerky.  No web site yet, visit at the farmers market in Halifax, N. S.

MTL Jerky – The People’s Beef

Mondo Beef – ?

Mountain Man Beef Jerky – The Best in the West

Saddleman’s Beef Jerky – Canadian Made product from the farm – 6480 VISCOUNT RD, UNIT 2 Ontario

Smith’s Jerky & Meat Shop – Established 2010

Soo Jerky – We strive to provide the best asian style jerky

Steeple City Jerky Company – “All Bull, No Shit”

Stemmler’s Meat & Cheese – Peace of mind to families with food sensitivities without sacrificing quality

Superior Meats – “Just Really Good Stuff!”

Wilhauk Beef Jerky – Alberta’s best beef jerky

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Jerky Up is based in the United States however we are very much dedicated to bringing every jerky maker and every company that has anything to do with the jerky industry to this site.  If you notice any company that is not listed, please let them know to just send their name and info to get listed.  It’s all Free.

We have spent many hours searching for a website that list jerky companies.  Not finding any, the closest sites are the written review sites of which there about 4.  The largest being Best Beef Jerky .org founded by Steve Johnson.  Steve has over 1000 reviews posted.  A close second being, Jerky Ingredients – A jerky review web site with Ingredient, Taste and Bag ratings. was born,  January 2014 we are on a great roll.

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