It’s What’s For Dinner

“Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” This phrase catapulted beef into the food spotlight during modern times. In 1992, The Beef Council and the advertising firm of Leo Burnett Company lead this very beef advertising campaign to resounding cultural heights. Over the past two decades, this simple food phrase has been at the forefront of many American made meals. Nearly two thirds of Americans have been found to prefer grilling beef, versus chicken or any other meat. And many people also believe that beef is the more romantic meal for more intimate settings, such as Valentine’s Day. In many ways, Beef has become our favorite choice of meat.

beef its whats for dinner

As a longstanding staple food in America, beef has been used as a great source of nutrition for many years. It is the popular choice for innumerable dinners and perhaps even more a premium snack meat. Lean beef is also one of the most nutritious of meats, with each prepared portion serving plenty of protein, zinc, and iron, and on average less than ten grams of fat. The lower fat content of choice beef cuts makes it the kind of meat that is especially great for dehydrating and preserving it for a later snack. In the modern market, this process is what we have come to know and love as beef jerky.

beef jerky diet

It has been around for thousands of years, but many people have began reviving the technique of drying beef and making gourmet homemade jerky. The quality of beef is the most important element for this course. It’s important to choose beef with lower fat content, so as outer fat is cut away, lean meat remains. Some of the best beef cuts you can use for beef jerky ranges from Rump Roast to Round Steak. Though there are many to choose from. As an excellent nutritional snack, beef jerky has been an increasingly popular choice among modern consumers. Through our continuing relationship with beef, we have also sustained our love for delicious and nutritious beef jerky. It’s safe to say, beef is more than just what’s for dinner.

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