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Video Reviews vs. Written Reviews

Beef Jerky Reviews on video or written?  Which do you prefer?

In the modern and vastly digital world, video testimonials are taking the lead in the race of online marketing tactics. They are known to perform far better on websites than traditional written testimonials. Watching someone explain and endorse a product or service is a far more effective marketing device than a user simply reading a testimonial. Even though written details can be impactful, they often fail to provide the kind of authenticity found in video endorsements. When you see the person and their physical language, there is a greater connection to the content, and we are more likely to believe in whatever it is your business is advertising.

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Beef Jerky Reviews

Showing clips and video of clients and customers, and emphasizing these verbal recommendations, can show prospective customers that other people (possibly those they can relate to) are sincerely satisfied with the product and the level of service from your business. With relevant and impactful reviews for your customers to read and interact with on your website, there is also a greater chance that you will gain their trust, and their business. Using video testimonials is a great marketing tactic; showing all your potential customers how good your products or services really are with a personal connection. Having reviews on your website is more important than ever, with some surveys revealing that nearly three-fourths of consumers say that positive reviews create trust with their local businesses.

With websites being the hub of communication and the center of most businesses, the content you provide is nearly as important as the product or service itself. It starts by understanding your audience, and drawing out your online model in a way that every visitor can relate and engage with whatever it is your business offers. Though sometimes slightly less believable than video testimonials, written reviews do offer their own advantage for your webpage, catering especially to visitors who may be rushed or might not have the attention span for a video. In these cases, written testimonials can be a great source of information. For an even greater effect, highlight key phrases from the written reviews, and consistently bring the attention to the accomplishments, as well as the overall mission of your business.

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The advancement of technology, alongside the increasing rise of the Internet, has made viral videos the most common marketing goal for many businesses. Beyond the main site for your business, social networking sites offer some of the most powerful advertising platforms in the industry. It is a place where users can become followers, and they can share your content to others. Adding video content to a store page on various social networks helps you connect with your customers. Viral videos create a large circle of followers and potential income for your business. As the world evolves further into digital and mobile technologies, video marketing is the best tactic for success.  Beef jerky reviews…