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The Best Marinade for  a Beef Jerky Recipe

When it comes to the best flavors to enjoy with beef jerky, we all have our favorites. Perhaps you prefer the simple taste of the meat itself, in which case a simpler recipe like this Black Pepper & Sea Salt Beef Jerky would be a good choice. Or maybe you would prefer a spicier pepper blend, with something hot like Chipotle seasoning, or perhaps sweeter flavors like Teriyaki, which is easily one of the most popular among many jerky enthusiasts. This Sweet Teriyaki Beef Jerky Recipe holds the perfect blend of sweet and salty, sure to leave you craving more. If you want to try venturing more into the realm of fiery spices, you can try using Habanero while cutting the heat of the spice with a sweet fruit flavor. This Mango Habanero Beef Jerky Recipe creates this delicious combo by merging the sweetness of Mango with the hot flavor profile of the pepper. Though, if Habanero is a bit too hot for your taste buds, you can substitute Jalapeno pepper for a milder heat.

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For many, creating homemade gourmet beef jerky is an art form; one to take great pride in when preparing. That sentiment carries across the whole process, with great emphasis on the art of the marinade. The best marinade requires great seasonings, the perfect amount of sauce, and plenty of time to settle. If you want to make a great marinade, these are some things to keep in mind. When preparing the ingredients for your marinade, be sure to use enough of it, depending on the weight of the total meat you are using. This is important because the meat will need to soak in a good amount of marinade to achieve the best flavor. The seasoning and spices will also need adequate refrigeration time for the flavors to soak in. With a setting time of up to 24-48 hours, this method allows your marinade to thoroughly infuse with the beef before the drying process, and it helps to produce the strongest flavors in every single bite. Whether your choice is hot and fiery, tangy and robust, or simple and sweet, the prefect beef jerky recipe needs the prefect marinade!

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