Bacon Jerky

Pork Jerky?  Bacon Jerky?

While dehydrated meat and the meat snacking industry has become more and more popular in recent years, so has using different types of flavors and meats in the process. With the rise of the Paleo lifestyle and low-carb diets, meat has hit a new kind of spotlight. Despite lower production in the beef industry as a whole, beef is still the most popular choice for most Americans. But as beef production has fallen, pork production has risen, giving it an increased desirability for meat enthusiasts. One of the most popular cuts has always been bacon. From our breakfast dishes to our hamburgers, on certain breakfast-style pastries or even in ice cream, it’s the kind of meat that we seem to enjoy on just about everything.

bacon jerky


Bacon has always been an American favorite food choice, and it has recently become an increasing favorite among many jerky enthusiasts. After an Omaha plant began a drying process with bacon several years ago, it quickly found its way into the jerky industry.  After branching out into several packaged jerky giants, like Oberto and Slim Jim, with flavors like maple and hickory smoked, bacon jerky has now found its rightful place as a delicious dehydrated meat-snack. It may never surpass the succinct flavor and popularity of beef jerky, especially when bacon jerky holds a much larger portion of fat in each serving, but it provides a great alternative to meat snack enthusiasts everywhere.

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